I Am Slowly Learning To Face This One

Hi so I have such a low self esteem that at odd moments I will get panic attacks when I think about possibly getting fired from whatever my job is at the time, or the possibility of never finding another decent relationship person ever again. Or finding them and then having them run away. I have always felt extremely inadequate for most "normal" things...lately I have figured out this is because I am pretty much ADD and can only do certain "useless" things well...This realization was helpful because it explains a lot...I just have to work on the ADD and try and do the things I can do well, more often. It's sad though...I am 38 and I am just barely figuring things out! I envy younger people who have figured this out...I feel I have lost or wasted the past 40 years....
clouds4208 clouds4208
36-40, F
Jan 22, 2013