For some reason, i feel this fear... when i am approaching people that i found interesting and curious about or when i am trying to sit near my dearly beloved. I am trying to figure out what is this fear in the first place.

This woman that i am in love with is beautiful, smart and kind. She is just my type. However, i feel like an idiot in front of her eyes. I just feel that this girl does not want to talk to me or being close to me.

Just who do i feel am i to believe that i am such an inferior creature! I wonder...
I somehow feel that she does not want being close to me and will reject me if she has the choice or perhaps, i am just afraid of being rejected... again.

And i have found the answer. I am just afraid that i am going to be too clingy or lack certain desirable qualities. In short, i feel rejected due to the traumatic scar from my past, caused by lack of social skill at that time.

I should not let this irrational feeling to convince me that i am not good enough for her. I should use my rational judgement to understand what is really happening socially and psychologically.

And after some reflection, i am and should be confident in reasoning about social issues. I think i am capable of communicating my ideas to others, understanding people's social attitude, understand the significance of implicit and non-verbal languages, and interact with other people socially. I should not be insecure about my ability to judge social situations, after all those social experiences!

Oh well, i am going to trust my reasoning ability more when dealing with social issues like this one. I should rely on
spinningtime7 spinningtime7
22-25, M
Aug 15, 2014