I'm Bisexual

i've had 2 bfs in the past but no girlfriends yet. it's simply because i fear rejection. (i don't get rejected by accepting men right? so there) i'm afraid to be open about my sexuality because i fear to be rejected. and i also find it hard to approach a woman because i don't want to be rejected. i think this fear stems from the fact that i lack self-confidence... I HATE THE FEELING. :( it's not entirely my fault that i see myself this way. i've been brought up in a conservative environment and i need some fresh air.

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Thanks for writing that so frankly. I kinda relate to that as I am the same fear..hate it. I find it odd that I can be brave about stuff that other people are terrified of but when it comes to anyone I like I turn into a freaky jellyfish of a person that's completely incapable of dealing with it. I have jumped backwards off under ground waterfalls, traveled the world alone fended off burglars and yet I can't let anyone I like get close to me. Thats so ****** up. I don't have anyone I like at the moment so Its sort of all a bit theoretical. I am sure you will figure out but if you ever need a ear I have two you can borrow whenever you like. Also if you do figure it please forward written instructions :) lol

yeah! guys likes women who loves women. hehe It turns them on. Till next time... :)

i know right.. i also see myself being with a woman in the future and right now, i think i'm in a stage where in sooner or later i have to come out of the closet, because if i don't, how can i be with the girl i like? <br />
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and another thing that bothers me is that, when i do come out, i'm sure some guys will suddenly be interested in me because guys like bisexual women. for what reason? *********! ugh.

you know what? I don't wanna be rejected too. I never open this up to anybody, until now. I'm bisexual too. I'm attracted to some men, but I see myself being with a woman in the future. I hope we could talk more often, coz I know I could relate to you.