Is It You Or Is It Me?

I don't do much on EP anymore.  I don't write much or comment much.  I still log on here every day, but I seem to have hit a wall or something.  There are still meaningful things to write about, but having been here for well over a year I guess I view what I have to say a little differently.  On the one hand, I hesitate to share anything about my issues/problems because many people have it much worse than me.  On the other hand, I hesitate to share anything about my happiness because there are a lot of very unhappy people here.

Am I the only one stuck in this place?

Maybe I feel that I'm not anonymous enough anymore to just put it all out there?

Oh well, don't mind me.  I'll be out here reading and thinking.

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11 Responses Mar 3, 2010

i have never come here with expectations of you.. nor, you of me.... but we have joy. It's all good. <br />
And you have the best laugh I have ever heard. it has notes of pepper and cinnamon and sex.

Have been here very seldom lately. Like you I have tired of EP a lot, but I like the friends I have made here. I still care about the friends I have made here.<br />
<br />
The whole idea of EP was to be anonymous and say things you wouldn't normally say. After a while we become friends, then we hold back a bit. Yesterday I re-read some things I posted and was shocked at some of the things I confessed.

I know what you mean sahira. But it's part of the nature of a site like this ... at the beginning we are keen and eager to share and it's all new and shiny as you say ... but after a while we get a little more mellow and tend to sit back a bit and watch others. I still write a lot and find I'm willing to share more now than I did at the beginning ... I feel a lot more trusting ... and I suppose that reflects that I am more comfortable around the place than I used to be. I know there's a lot of drama for some folks and that makes people sad and some leave ... but I've never been involved in anything controversial on here and try to actively avoid it.

I only do it to make you laugh. I love the sound<br />
here's my deep thought du jour: <br />
the hotdog feeds the hand that bites it.

I am running out of meaningless things to say on EP. ah.. only kidding.. I can be vacuous and stupid and run my mouth forever.

I know what you mean. It was different when EP was still new and shiny. Like you I find I hold a little back now but still I enjoy my time here. If I didn't there would be no need to log on.

Me too. I'm dry as a bone..that's pretty dry. Good thing you wrote this.Gee whiz, I did a whole comment, ring the bell of success. :>)

I think it's natural after being here a times I feel the same, then something triggers me and I write...but it's not the same...I miss the old EP. But not enough to leave. It still works for me.

I hear ya.<br />
It seems that all I ever write about is the weather.<br />
It is fun though, and you always post good stuff.

I seem to feel exactly the same a lot of the time. It runs in cycles though. I keep coming back for the friendship and giggles though.

But your avatars are outstanding! It's been said before but it bears repeating.... you are the Queen of avatars. <br />
That's some dog you've got there Sahira... LOL