Where's the Kleenex?!

my son was so mean to me last night on the way to his basketball game that i was practically in tears the whole way.  if it hadn't been for the fact that my neighbor was in the car with us, i probably would have had a nervous breakdown (thank goodness for small miracles). anyway, i just felt like total $hit the whole time and barely even watched the game, and read instead, because why should i cheer him on when he treated me like dirt just 5 minutes ago?  i swear i was at a total loss as to what i was (am) going to do with that boy.  i dont want to give up on him, but some days i feel like it. 

trixi trixi
41-45, F
3 Responses Mar 7, 2008

hi trixi I think boys are the hardest gender to raise , and yes you wouldnt feel like cheering him on when he was so unkind to you before hand . My little boy delibrately trys to upset me by doing something naughty then smile at me while hes doing it . I somtimes too for like giving him up and Im on the verge of a nervous breakdown too at times with him as well.. I do feel for you take care mishy40

Next time he does that, turn around and drive him home. One other thing is you driving him to his game should be conditional on his behaviour.

he's almost 13 and he's been "moody" since he was born :)