Just More Crap And Why I Most Likely Won't Invite You


First and foremost: Want to chap my arse...



         I hate anyone that states the generalization :

                        I'm not doing nothing wrong I don't care what the Feds up too !!!

I thought it was bad enough when I was subjected to a sneak-n-peek in my room,by my mom,

as i was growing up, under the guise of just reddin' up to get a glimpse of my activities

I mean you tolerate this kind of life style because it was a known.

Here on Ep or any other social network it's also happening.

I knew it been going on for a long time but I thought I rehash it, just incase they're lookin' :)....

Who wants to vent or be real about anything anymore/

Maybe that new friend you just aquired might be, maybe  an FBI employee, because I invited

Carlos from some off country into my circle last week....

Since when does hating myself and not going out allot fall under their interest,

Oh yea I forgot I'm a non conformist, maybe too liberal and believe the world is our home and

everyone should be intitled to the same rights, access to life, liberty and the pursuits

Bite me Bro...

Man I shouldn't subcribe to EFF web,( Electronic Frontier foundation), I'm becoming

even more jaded...

sry be smart and safe






Randysdot Randysdot
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4 Responses Mar 16, 2010

No he's jabbin' me and I understand... :) it just dishearting and I wanted to remind everyone..<br />
<br />
It use to bother me really bad, now I'm just disgruntled!!!<br />
when I first found out about this action,( going on back in the late 90's), I was really taken back..<br />
Now I'm just depressed it has to come to this and people just look the other way...<br />
Profiling, whom's next?<br />
People whom reside in America with blue green eyes, because of european heritage and their forefathers past histories of deciet and fraudulent promises of peace, understanding and equal rights...<br />
Maybe those whom converse with others ,because their under duress and have no other network..<br />
<br />
or best yet: Those who don't see the current Political Policies acting on their ,( The Peoples) best interest, crap did I let that slip LOL...<br />
All I can say Is: " I don't recall making that statement"...LOL

What ever happen to the good old days when u were the only one who knew what you were doing. Life sure has changed, don't let it get to u doesn't sound like you fit the profile! lol

Is second fiddle an fbi agent?

Life is definitely different. <br />