Actually This Is Me Griping About People Who Forgot My Birthday This Year.

Birthday alert, Facebook, easy. There's no effort to remember someone's birthday anymore, and almost everyone logs into Facebook every day (I know a few who don't, but the majority of the people I know on there log on frequently enough). A total of 3 people wished me happy birthday this year. One of the people who forgot was a close friend, and someone who's birthday is the day before mine! He of all people should NOT forget. I was annoyed and a bit saddened. The three who wished me good tidings were acquaintances that I'm not particularly close with, and so it makes me wonder why all the people I consider closer didn't bother to say anything. I stayed quiet about it. I didn't post a passive-aggressive status message or anything like that. But it did kind of disappoint me and make me sad when everyone can pretty well cheat and not even have to put in any effort to remember when their friend's birthdays automatically show up on their Facebook home page.

So this brings me to another friend who had a birthday bar crawl last night. He's one of the people who forgot, and I didn't go to the bar crawl. I wrote "happy birthday" on his Facebook wall, but it had been a long day at work, I needed to study for an exam, and I also had to work ridiculously early today. I had every reasonable excuse not to go, but what I feel guilty about is that I also had this petty urge to say to myself "I'm not going out of spite...he forgot MY birthday, so why should I go to his birthday party, huh?" I can be a bit childish sometimes...privately stomping my feet in defiance and thinking in petty ways while maintaining the adult appearance of maturity and diplomacy. I suppose we all retain a bit on an inner child that can at times be the rotten, bratty one instead of the precocious and sweet one. I mostly think highly of this friend and like him pretty well, but I used my resentment to be the final justification (other than the legitimate ones) for not going. I feel like an a*s*shole but at the same time wanna be like, "well screw him anyway." bleh?
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I have no idea when your birthday is, but please allow me to be the first here, on this thread, to wish you a pre - or - belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Just slide in whichever one applies.