I Do...

I do not fear the Lord because He is a tyrant (satan oppresses), but I fear disappointing Him.

I love our Heavenly Father! He is ever so loving and merciful! :-)

Yohanna Yohanna
36-40, F
3 Responses Feb 18, 2009

"fear" means to reverance not to be afraid!

As always,......you are awesome. <br />
Love the way Elaine expressed it.

There aren't many people that are where you are at. God has become just a convenience to be used when needed then discarded like yesterday's socks.<br />
To know the depth and breadth and height and length of His love is awe inspiring. To have a reverential fear of Mighty God to whom we must look like ants on the ground, yet He loved us so much to send His precious Son for us. <br />