The World You Know Has Already Begun To Change.

The world you know has already begun to change. The Super Elite of the world has been plotting a gradual global tyranny for decades, so gradual the mundane individual cannot even see it forming. Every decision our government makes as well as many other governments of the world have already been strategically planned and carefully thought through. If you do not believe this can or is taking place you my friend are sadly mistaken and have been intentionally misled. The freedoms that you and I currently enjoy and many take for granted are quickly being revoked as we sleep. Many of our civil liberties that many do not even appreciate are disappearing before our very eyes. Our society has been slowly blinded by the media which is under the thumb of these global elite organizations. This country is slowly recovering from a pre-planed recession only to grow the markets so that individuals will re-invest and then strategically formulate an economical collapse which will profit the tyrants and leave ninety percent of the public in poverty. Do not be fooled. These global organizations (organizations which are not linked to any one country) have the power to build and collapse national economies and create falsified meaningless wars between nations. Just think about it for a moment. Have you ever asked yourself; Why on earth would we ever do that? It’s because our leaders are merely puppets with strings attached. The people of our nation as well as the people of the world must wake up and realize that the world is not at all as it seems. People of our Nation, Listen to me. The economy will continue to grow at a slow pace for the next few years, Then it will explode with extremely large growth and after much of society begins to place their faith and finances back into the economy hoping for rewards on their investments the economy will capsize and our country will enter into another great depression. At about the year 2020 to 2022, our global economic strength will be no more. The only way we can protect ourselves is to unite. Societies are weak because they are diverse and their ideologies are controlled by the multi-media, but organized groups assembled by free-thinking like-minded individuals can be very powerful with a very load voice. Please visit my blog at - - Knights Of The Northern Star. The Power Of Earth Is Inside You.
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Dec 1, 2012