And So It Begins;

And so it begins; our rights and liberties fall victim to the hierarchy’s thirst for total control. It shall first begin within our own nations and then move across the oceans into foreign land. The citizens of this nation as well as all other nations will begin to notice change within their governments as well as the world. Some nations will be freed and others oppressed. It shall begin slowly, we will begin to witness small rights and liberties being amended and changed and soon enough revoked. The governing factor will do their best to distract society from the real objective. Do not fall prey to this tactic. Understand that although our government is by far the best in the world, do not allow yourself to believe for one moment that the comfort of our everyday lives are untouchable. Society can be altered within a blink of an eye. Yours and my freedoms can be secretly amended without the publics knowledge. (It happens all the time) Our tomorrow looks completely different than our yesterday and such change was not accidental. Our economy did not recede due to outside influences, it did so due to our own governments decisions and wasteful nature and negligent spending. It is the individuals who believe every word they speak is true that empowers the deceivers. You can not just spread the wealth without taking from someone or something. Life is not as simple or easy as people want it to be so when the politicians tell us how perfect they will make society and promise us easy times and easy money, common sense should tell us its not true. You can’t run a nation on shortcuts and negligence; it takes hard work, forethought and thrifty thinking along with common sense. Nothing will ever come so easy as what they sometimes promise and in most cases if it does it is because the prior generation worked hard to make it so. Understand that the more the public wants for free the worse our economy will be, and it appears as if more and more of society want to believe the liars, because what they speak sounds pleasing to hear. The only way we will correct the problems that have arose due to our governments’ negligence and greed is to stop believing what the liars say and realize that life is not so easy. The world can not keep borrowing money it doesn’t have (even if money and wealth are mans own fabricated ideas to define value) and spending money as if it was an infinite resource. The economy is more or less simple math, a mathematical formula, and when the numbers in such formula equate to nothing our economy fails. As simple as that sounds this is a hard truth for many politicians to grasp and it is the belief of many individuals who think it is not likely that our overall economy improves. We must unite. We must begin to place the welfare and sovereignty of our own future and our children’s future within our own hands. We must unite to insure that our freedoms and liberties do not become amended into extinction. We must unite to protect our environments fertility and the overall fertility of our planet as a whole. We must unite to maintain the protection of the people, the planet and the human race. We must unite.
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Dec 1, 2012