Understanding How Things Work

Many people do not believe in fortune telling, but I can assure you that some times it only takes common sense and an open mind and anyone can obtain the ability to foretell what the future holds. I’m not speaking of lottery numbers and accidental death. I’m speaking about how society, governments, people and the world in general functions. I am speaking of the ability to clearly place occurrences in chronological order and with Logical Deduction along with the Law of Syllogism or (A=B and B=C so A=C) or another good example is the commonly known phrase (My enemies, enemy is my friend) Not exactly text book Syllogism, but you get the picture. I we observe common the common practice of anything then over time we will begin to see common mistakes, common good practices, common misconceptions and many other entities of associative relevance that is common with any such practice. For example: (If I spend all of my money before I get paid I will have no money.) This is not only true at this moment, but it will also be true tomorrow and the day after. So, if you see someone that is spending their money without care and you can clearly see that this individual will eventually run out of money, than all you need to do is establish when this individual will get paid again to determine if this individual will run out of money. Common sense right? Well let’s say this individual runs out of money before he or she gets paid and borrows a dollar from you until payday. Let’s now say this same occurrence happens every week and on the same day of every week you loan him or her a dollar. Common sense clearly tells you that on this particular day of every week you will be asked by this individual to loan them a dollar. Of couse there are many other variables associated with any given situation, but as for now we are speaking on an elementary level. So this individual getting paid = this individual spending all of their money and this individual spending all of their money = this individual borrowing a dollar from you every week ,so essentially, This individual getting paid every week = this individual borrowing a dollar from you every week. Boring philosophical babble, I know, but stay with me. All we must do then is to observe common actions, remove the variable, break the situation down to its crudest form and inject common sense, thus giving us a theoretical conclusion to any given action. We can use this type of Logical deduction and the Law of Syllogism on just about any given factor. Now I’m not saying you can foretell the exact outcome of every situation, every time, but this will allow you to construct extremely practical conclusions to events that have not yet unfolded. Stay with me now. Now lets say this individual who spends all their money (we’ll call this individual the U.S Government) begins to spend more and more every week, Logical Deduction and the Law of Syllogism tells us that this individual (The U.S Government) will eventually ask to borrow more than just a dollar from you. Now lets replace the word borrow with the word Tax and just for argument sake let’s say that you have no choice but to pay this Tax. So, lets say, as time passes this individual (The U.S Government) continually increases their spending. What can we logically assume is going to happen? Exactly, You will be required to pay more Tax. Let’s continue. Let’s say this individual decides to assume an enormous financial burden, one they have no right to assume, and their spending increases 10 FOLD. Can any body tell me what’s going to happen, because I can’t figure it out? That’s right our Tax is going to increase 10 FOLD. Now the man in charge said he was not going to raise taxes on the middle class but he is going to need far more money that what he will be able to bring in Taxing the upper class, and the other party is in favor for taxing the middle class and lowering Taxes on the upper class. Now let’s say that these 2 entities are in great debates over what to do about an agreement they both made years ago. Lets call this agreement “The Fiscal Cliff”. If the 2 groups can not reach a compromise then the taxes go up for everyone. So are you telling me that once this fiscal cliff comes the Taxes will increase on the upper class, which is what the man in charge wants, and…. The middle class which is what the other group wants. So you mean if the two sides do not come to an agreement both sides will get what they want? Increased taxes on everyone? Don’t forget about that gigantic financial burden the man in Charge assumed. 10 FOLD.

I predict that nothing will be done about the fiscal cliff. The 2 parties don’t want to do anything about it because The fiscal cliff will give the 2 parties what they wanted. They are dancing around for the American people to watch and become engrossed by. Also The financial burden will be increase by the Federal Government which will be passed down to each and every one of us.

I predict that by this time 2014 every individual in this country (who pays Taxes) will be mandated to pay 50% of their earning to the government in Taxes. Mark my words.
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Dec 9, 2012