that if I focus to much on work and career that I will miss out on relationships. I fear that if I focus too much on building relationships that i'll end up missing opportunities in the work world. I find it hard to balance both. I dont want to be 30 or 40 with no career and no significant other. ( random thoughts)
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The eternal fight that many of us have or have had. How to balance personal and career lives. I chose my career using the reasoning that I was better able to provide in my personal life, until I finally realized that I was married to my work and divorced from my wife.

Wow. How long ago was that? I hate that jobs/careers nowadays are so demanding..they take away from what important,,family, friends

That was 15 years ago.

I'm sorry

I would say I'm primarily lucky but I didn't really try for career or relationships but I have both now. I've always been a hard worker and smart, but I would say I advanced in my career more because I happened to be around for the right opportunities. I met my wife because I was bored and just trying to kill time rather than because I was trying to meet someone.

Where did you meet your wife?

Met her on Facebook because I couldn't go out at the time. A long time ago (6 years) they had very simplistic social games, and I don't even know why but we started talking and eventually wanted to meet each other and then here we are now.

OH ok, I never thought of meeting someone on line,