Looking For An Author Of A Forgetting Potion

15 or more years ago I read a collection of fantastical short stories in French. Don't know if that was the original language. One of the stories was about a man who was in terrible pain from a breakup. To relieve his pain he invented a potion to erase his memory to the point just before he met this woman. He would have no memory of her and could start his life anew. Unfortunately he miscalculated and only erased his memory just to the point of maximum pain when he decided to invent the potion. So he again invents the potion only to return again to the point of maximum pain when he decides to invent the potion. He thus enters an infinite loop of pain. Does anyone know who wrote this?
Hgallego Hgallego
1 Response Sep 22, 2012

Wow I want to know too that sounds incredible!