Not Like The Commercials Portray...

I love febreze..I really do. But the little things they do on the commercials? Don't believe it. Our dog accidentally had a misfortunate, and I used a pet neutralizer/cleaner/deodorizer...and then I sprayed febreze fabric spray on the area, and febreze air freshener. It was good for a few hours, but later it was clear that there was a stinky smell. That doesn't stop me from using febreze...I still spray the couch and chairs, and will even spray the carpets after I have vacuumed. After all, 10 hours of freshness beats zero. But no...the commercials are bogus...febreze is great, but it's not the Supersmell that will kill all of the evil odors.
MyKiddosMom MyKiddosMom
51-55, F
Dec 4, 2012