First Snowball

Last week, My wife & I did one for the first time. I told her I wanted to try something kinky. She asked what did I have in mind. So I told her that I wanted her to give me a snowball. She didn't know what that was so I explained the process. She looked confused then asked "you want to eat ***"? Well it's my *** so what the big deal? I also said that I needed her help. She asked what kind of help? I explained that everytime I get urge to do this I lose interest once I ***. She needed to force me to swallow. I could tell she was getting into the idea. So we took showers to get ready. I went down on her and she came within minutes all over my tongue. Now it was my turn. I laid down on my back and she started to suck my **** like there was no tomorrow. Her mouth felt incredible. I have never seen her so enthusiatic. Well, before I knew it I was ******* in her mouth and sure enough I started to chicken out. As she sucking the last my load I tell her that I changed my mind. She bolted up and planted a big french kiss on my mouth. I felt my *** slide in and filled my mouth so much that I had no choice but to swallow. My wife kept kissing me to not only share the load but to ensure that I swallowed it all. I was a little confused about my emotions but I have to admit It was ******* hot! She asked how I liked the experience? All I could say was "that was a lot of ***"! She laugh and agreed. It had been over a week since my last ***********. I didn't tell her this but it was a strange feeling having the *** slide down my throat. It was so much i could actually feel it in my stomach.

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7 Responses Jan 10, 2010

We did it once but I want to do it more, course I have had desires to suck C**k for years after the first two times.

This is almost identical to my first snowballing experience. So hot and sexy. I've swallowed my own *** numerous times now (probably swallowed more than my wife has!), yet I still find myself losing the urge after ***********. Yet, it's still so freaking hot each and every time!

I love snowballs too

I love getting a cummy snowball kiss, while it's still warm and yummy! :)

i want my gf to do this to me.

Yea i had the same desire, and I would also lose interest after i came, but i forced myself to taste my own *** once. I shot a huge load into my mouth, it was salty and thick. I quickly spit it out and clean up. But in just a few minutes later I got very horny remembering what it tasted like and thought to myself if i have a MFM ********* with my gf then I want her to kiss me after the other guy **** in her mouth.

I'm ************ now, about to blow in a wine glass and quickly swallow it all down!

Wow! That was a hot story! I have the same desire and problem, that I lose interest after cuming.

You should do what he did!