I Feed More Stray Cats Than Anyone I Know...

    Although the number has dwindled down to just a shadow of what it used to be, I STILL feed more stray cats than anyone I know. After what seemed like forever and a bit of help in the form of sign creating and posting from my boyfriend and I, our local feral community is now only about 6 or 7 in number, and from looking at their ears, it seems that ALL of them have finally been altered!

    We live in a very economically depressed area and people are often hard-pressed for food to feed themselves and their families, but once word got out that there was a program that would FINALLY live up to it's name and help alter these kittens, doors opened and kitties found new homes! It was great to see these kittens that had literally been born before my eyes receive veterinary care ( including spay/neuter) and then find adoptive families once the chances of them reproducing was removed. Cats have proven to aid in the recovery periods of people that suffer depression, chronic illness, depression or that are in pre- or post-operative situations, but to those of us that have been life long cat lovers, this is hardly news!  To be loved by a cat is reward enough for me to continue doing everything I can for these beautiful, loving creatures.

    I am currently "owned" by 9 furry children and wouldn't trade any of them for all the money in the world. Now that I find myself home nearly all of the time, they are my constant companions, friends and an endless supply of laughter in a world that tends to be all too serious most of the time. I provide for their needs and health-care and in return, they provide me with joy and unconditional love...That seems like a pretty fair trade to me!

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good for you :) gives new meaning to the proverbial "nine lives"

I am the same way. I had like 30 at one point, but now I am down to 15. It was kind of difficult at first because I had to save money to get them all spayed and neutered because the place where I live really doesn't have any programs or help for animals, which I think is total bs. Anyway I am down to three that still need to he done, but I have to save so I am hoping for no more pregnancies. I live out in the desert and my yard has no fence so I worry about the ones that wonder off because people here hate cats. I had a few die of poisoning, some attacked by wild animals, an one hit by a car. I hope to one day build a fence so they don't get hurt anymore, because the pain of all the ones I lost has never gone away. I just hope in can do the best for the ones I have now. How did you get money to fund your cats? I have support from my family either because they hate cats an tell m I should run them all off. I love all my cats and they are so worth it. I just wish I had more support from the people around me.

I am only servant to six felines. Now, the only "social" cats are lions; but, I'm not George Adamson, so I have to settle disputes with these little ones. They tolerate each other most of the time, except for the two toms.

We have a this problem that we need to feed cats but in reality if we had left them alone they would not have lost ability to hunt,cats eat a diet of small rodents and as we take over the feeding the rodent population grows at an alarming rate as councils have reduced budgets then we don't have the pest control.

i feed quite a few myself...i am down from 13 to about 8. these poor animals..i have had all of mine fixed..i have a 3 legged stray cat now..