Breast Feeding My Darling Husband

when i was pregnant my breast where really very tender and painful my hubby loves to play with my breasts and since i was in pain he would dare not to touch them

I felt very sorry for him he would just want me to lie bare breasted and he would admire them and say sweet nothings in my final days of pregnanacy my size had grown enormous
he would just look at them helplessly One day he said if he just kiss them
and i allowed him he hungrly grabbed them and started sucking it hurt but i let him suck to atleast get over his passion he made them sore and then applied honey on them to sooth them and this continued eveyday till i finally delivered it hurt but i enjoyed it to see him satisfied
jHe was very restless to get back at them and one day while i was breast feeding my baby he started playing with my other breast ans by his touch milk started flowing he grabbed me and hungryly started sucking i got scared seeing his action and promised him after baby has his fill will nurse him to my surprise he said he wanted me to feed him the same way i did to my baby means i would sit and he would lie on my lap and suck it felt a little odd but i gave in to keep my promise i sat the way i was told to he first asked me to fully drape my self and then he placed his head on my lap and said he was hungry and asked me to lift my blouse the same way i do or my baby and then they way he grabbed on to my breast from one to another till he was satified i carressed him and felt happy and content to day we are marrried for 20 years but we still continue the same way all he says is he is hungry and gets to my breast and offcourse i do feed him and thats anytime he needs

I wonder if it sounds funny but i guess women like their breast to be sucked anytime..
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41-45, F
Nov 26, 2012