Attention Matters A Lot..

Sometimes, we people really miss out an important thing i.e. our love for someone our, someone who was closer to us like no one else, someone with whom we shared all our gossips, our feelings, our love & our dark sides..but now they are far-far away. And this happen especially, When We gets a lot of attention from others, fame, pleasure, gets a lot into a new world and associate others too quickly with us without a second thought, that we forget some love for those who lead us to get this stage. Yes, there was someone who cared a lot about us, when we were alone. When there was no one to support us, they gave us a helping hand, they stand against anyone just for our sake, they really loved us, never complained for anything never demanded a few… yeah, they gave us there WHOLE in. At once, they also meant a lot for us, but now all in vain by our so occupied living. Hmmm…they still remain with us but feel like left out and now we pay no attention to them and they never ask for their part in yours heart… They Just let it go, this give a lot of pain to someone , where else other one didn’t knew it at all and when he/she comes to know it, they are too LATE for that… Now, our loved one’s become isolated in their life. And we don’t even realize it that now it was our time for paying them back... but can’t because now they are not our anymore…
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1 Response Aug 4, 2010

yeah, really correct. The world is not looking at Jesus Christ the Son of God, we 're carried away with other things