I'm no longer proud of being a human. Seeing all the tragedies and injustices that our brethren commit everyday, I feel disgusted to say that I am a human, just like them. The mindset of America has become "I can only help myself screw anyone else" and that is how these horrible atrocities go Unpunished. When the turn comes to you, and you have police beating you down, looters breaking into your house, nowhere to run, your going to wonder why NOBODY is there to help you. Maybe if you had helped a few people in their lifetime, they would be there for you now.

Everyone in power in America is corrupt. We treat our animals we farm for food like they don't even have a life. We pump our food full of antibiotics and our plants full of pesticides, just because it's cheaper than using cleaner more ethical methods. Teenagers around this nation are at a pivotal point of becoming adults without passion, willpower, or determination. While 15 year old boys are considered men and sent to fight in the war between gaza and Palestine.

I don't want to be assosiated with all this damage. These tragedies. But unfortunately, just by being human and being aware of what's happening, I am partially responsible. By learning what happens and continuing to do nothing shows that I am CONDONING their actions. That isn't true, so I must do what I can to help this world, that is so far from peace I don't believe it will be possible in my lifetime.

We keep 15000 orca whales in cages for 35 years, for our own entertainment.

We castrate, beat, starve and inhumanely slaughter our animals, for food.

We condone the use of antibiotics, human growth hormones, and other toxic additives into our food, to harm our children.

We watch idly by while in other parts of the world, children and getting killed by other children, people are starving, dying. Without fighting back, getting rounded up and executed. (Isis)

We live in a world where all this is okay... Because we as a community has said nothing, we let it happen all around us.


Would you let your son take a gun and go out to war at 15? These people have their sons forced from them to fight in the war.
Would you let your child starve? Would you let them get beaten, raped, and thrown into jail?

An even better question, would you let them treat our animals and children like the government in our country and others does ?

If no, speak up.

This is our only hope at humanity again
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You're crazy