I Miss You!

Sometimes I forget that your gone!

Sometimes I forget I can't call you. 

Sometimes I remember all those silly things we did when we were kids. 

Sometimes I just wish I had you for one more hour.  

I always read the letter about the people you helped this time of  year.

I always wonder what things would be like for you now.

I always wonder and sometimes I listen and I hear you laugh...I hear you breath, damn that asthma breathing is something I'll never forget.  I hear that in Johnnie too!  I hope that you can look down on us and see us and know how much we all miss you!

I've sat and cried about you again today...Yes it gets  easier....but it's still hard. 

May your soul be resting in peace! 

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7 Responses Feb 12, 2010

Thanks amy...

many hugs*

dreamvoyeur....this story was written about my brother...thanks for the comments.

Kara...thanks...then my heart goes out to you too!<br />
<br />
MT.....I didn't do anything special today....I guess I just needed to relax....I did get an hour nap...which was wonderful....since I can't seem to sleep much with this damn migraine! I've only had it now for a week...but it seems to getting a little better tonight! I miss you

I know T...... Hope that you did what we talked about last year....... I know that he would have wanted you to do that......

Thanks MT....I'm sure your the only one who gets this.... Today was the day he died...and about this time of day... I wasn't sad today....I guess I've cried enough tears in the last week for both of us... Thanks for caring to comment and for being my friend!

*Hugs* Still so sorry........