A High Close-up

Everybody knows many about blessed John Paul the Pope. He come from Poland. There is many interesting things I want to say. I was born in the year when he was secound time in Poland. There was a great for me. My generation is known and named as "JP2" Generation. And there is true. Everybody of us, knows him. I know many about him. I carefuly was observing many wonderful visits made by him. My mother had got that luck to sit with him in the same table durig student party. She recognized him as a totally nice, open-up man with open heart and grat soul. I also see him in that way. When I had to have a leg operation in order to make me fitter, there was a least his pilgrimate to Poland. After the consecration of Lagiewniki Basilica, I peregrinated to this place of Misericordia. I deeply believe that this man is supporting me still. I passed an operation wonderful. A month before his death, my godson was born and he lives. He is a really clever, and cute child. Last year I must have been operating. I have met my close friend from school as a nurse. It was extremly nice experience, I was furiously happy. I am alive. I was observing a beatification service in Vatican this year at May the 1st. When the Pope Benedict XVI called a date of memorization, I nearly fallen down because of shock. It is a date of my least operation. I know there is a wonder!
michalmos michalmos
31-35, M
Nov 30, 2011