Today (written November 28, 2010)

Today.....Today was unuseall. Like the ending to a sad story. It was weird. Today I was happy and I havn't felt that way in a long time. But this time was different, I was happy for no reason at all. Like seeing a loved one that you have longed for. When I felt a smile come onto my face it was like looking at a fimiler stranger. When I saw myself, I saw light. A light I hadn't seen in atleast a year. I mean yes I've smiled, but it never ment anything, it was an act. And yes, some fell for it,others didn't.


Today was.... different,unlike anyother. I saw the sun, not as something evil or as something that brought an unworthy day but as life. As I shind on, it did as well. I saw my family not as monsters that let my life have no meaning but as my life sorce. I saw my friends not only as the reason for my living or their closer, but as something that ment more then I could understained.


Today their was love in my life. Not only in myself, but in the things around me. Mother Nature held me in her arms,loving me. She told me that I was able to let go of all my sadness now, that I didnt have to worry about being left behind,being betraid. As long as held her in my heart, I would be able to live my life to the fullest...tedNovember 28, 2010 

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May 16, 2012