Mom Shoved Me In the Clothes Drawer Shortly After Birth

I was BORN into this world unaccepted & unappreciated by pretty much everyone. She abused, neglected, malnourished us, & done who knows what. & No one else in the family wanted to take care of us, except for 1 sister, but they wouldn't let her. Ever since a baby, I was in foster care, & @ home or school, I was punished all the time & never knew why, I had no friends, & my life is pretty much destroyed because of my past. & it made things worse to be abused in foster care, too.

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3 Responses Feb 26, 2009

Oh dear, how tough is that! <br />
I just hope you get over this. God bless and help you.<br />
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Remember to pray a lot and also ask the Universe for all the best things, for good health, for wisdom, for strength to overcome your problems, for a true love that can make you a new and happy person... But believe in your words when you ask. It will come. <br />
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Good luck and kisses :)

maybe you could try reading louise hay books.. they have helped me so much.. ps your past is gone now I felt like I was way too screwed up to be able to have a normal life because of my past.(warped perception). we all deserve to create a life as do you you are safe now and have a world of possibilities to choose from if when your ready :)

I think sometimes the pain can be to real to just suck it up. We each deserve in this world to be valued and loved by our entrusted caretakers...when we arent; we suffer. I dont know if I trust anyone. Im sorry for your pain; but I believe the way out is thru it and your in that process right now. Just dont think for a second that there isnt a bright side to the darkness just have to look for it. God loves us all.