Just By One Person Really...

I feel abandoned by my best friend of 9 years.. which is pretty significant since that is basically half of my life right there. Anyway, it all started when she started drinking and doing drugs.. because everyone else was.. and I didn't. Now she just hangs out with all these potheads.. and people that think not being sober is the only way to have fun. She says she misses me and stuff.. but she never says it to my face or anything. I just feel like she'd be making more of an effort to save our friendship.. but shes not.

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

Gahh you're right, thanks for the advice

Well I think you are absolutely right... and the sad part is that you really cannot do anything to save her unless she makes that decision for herself. It is not healthy staying in a destructive friendship like that. You can only support her once she decides for herself to turn around and make changes in her life. Hang in there!