All Alone

I feel all alone in the world I dont think anyone seems to understand what i mean when i say i feel all alone cuz all they seem to say is go out get drunk you ll feel better nope sorry id rather be alone most days cuz it seems i have nothing in common with anyone including myself . Can't drink im an alchoholic cant go out (have to be with a buddy i don' t have)boss wont let me, with good reason but thats another story i guess i don't want to find a guy . I'm not a very outgoing person some days and some days i can be . i'm also bipolar which is what they say im think im kinda in denial. I have some trust issues and i think no one could ever understand this whole thinking problem i have it's like the concious from hell o well what can you do.

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Alone? I get that very well. I am truly alone. Deep in the forest, on a secret island. I lived the life, years ago. I was very popular, had lots of friends, hit the bars. Now I am with nature, my ideas, and my inventions. I am the most unique person you will ever meet. I just acquired internet for the sake of communication. If you ever want to chat, just send me a message (I'll check in from time to time!) XO

You could try going to councilling sessions they usually help with this probem. Another thing you could try is C.B.T ( Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ) <br />
It is a way of talking about:<br />
how you think about yourself, the world and other people<br />
how what you do affects your thoughts and feelings.<br />
<br />
Either of these should help

Your right they don't, I am an alcoholic also, have been dry since the 80's for the most part. I know what you mean about feeling alone, even when your with someone, in a crowd, with your family, and no, drinking does not help the feeling. Tried sex with anyone and everyone, finally went to see a psychologist to work through some issues and that seemed to do the trick, took about 10 years to work through it all, but, the biggest thing to learn was not lying to myself, accept what had happened, see how what had happened caused the issues I had and lead to the behavior I wished to end. I just wanted a normal life, one like everyone else, and I made it. My wife knows nothing of my past and she doesn't need to, she just knows me as I am now, we have been married 18 years and I don't miss my previous life, I like the one I have earned, and most importantly, I like me now, I don't feel lonely even when I am alone, and I do like being around people.

tried the meetings and everyone i went to it was full of people who just wanted there card stamped and i was the only person who was'nt forced to go (yup they took a vote) I did go to one a long time ago and they were to huggy huggy for me

Do you go to AA meetings? You could try get a sponsor or even just a friend who knows that you cant go to the pub, and can connect with you on some level