why i feel so alone? i dont know i just feel like theres no one out there to talk too!! at all....and i do have trust issues,but i'll get over it!!....i hope
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thanks again lol!!

I was not close to my half sister either although I would have wished it differently.

Maybe with time you will become closer.

For now remember, pray to Jesus - He is always there for you.

A good book that both my grand daughter (who is cool, I'm "old fashion") but we both seem to like three books by Charles R. Swindoll - he writes stuff that makes you feel good after you read it. The three books are, "Bedside Blessings", "Day By Day with Charles Swindoll" and "Getting Through The Tough Stuff, It's Always Something".

Today a lot of people are "going off the deep end" - we're hearing of a lot of people being mean to each other, being self centered, and this includes people like celebrities and our world leaders.

Young people have such few role models now days to look up to.

Choices you make today will affect your tomorrow and the most precious possession you have is your soul.

I will keep you in my prayers tonight and may The Good Lord bless and keep you.


lol that is me! and thank you so much!!! i have a 2 sisters but we dont like each other at all and they like to make fun of me so...but thanks again! and thanks for the compliment!!!

Talk to Jesus, he will listen. Sounds corny but true.

You can also talk on here and people will respond. If that is your picture, you are quite a pretty young lady. (I am a 59 year old grand mother and not a pervert) You look about the age of my grand daughter.

Do you have a mom or grandma or sister to talk to?

A friend?

Get some positive books, I've gotten a few of Charles R. Swindoll's books.

You are not alone, God really cares about you. Just ask him for guidance.

And keep us informed as to how you are doing.

Maybe your hormones are involved, see a doctor but don't let them put you on drugs.

Absolutely do not drink or do drugs to numb the loneliness.

I find that when I'm feeling lonely, or sad, if I do something nice for someone it makes me feel better.

Take care - you have your whole life ahead of you.

13-15 is a rough age. I'm going on 60 this month and I wouldn't want to go back to being a teenager if I could, just a rough period with hormones, decisions, peer pressure.

Try to get a good education - try to decide what you want to do with your life and set meaningful goals.

Choices you make right now can and will affect your life further down the road so choose wisely.

Get into reading some positive, inspirational books.

So many movies, books, video games and music is dark and depressive or angry now.

Seek out people who will make you feel better not bring you down.

May the Good Lord bless and watch over you.