Very Empty

i do feel alone alot ... sometimes i just feel empty, like there is a space that needs to be filled ...i espechillay get lonley when im around friends and they are with their b/fs or g/fs it hurts being a lone ,,, i dont want to feel empty, or alone anymore :(
daydreamer25 daydreamer25
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 16, 2010

i do know who i am ans understand my self but being alone scared me it is fritning to think i mite always be alone ... my mind wanders and i cant control my thoughts they scare me also,, i crave another and to be loved its how i work idny but it is ... :( .... i am trying but for me it isnt sucussful at the min

we all feel alone sometimes. <br />
you have to learn to love yourself and your own company, because no matter if you have a boyfriend or not ultimately you will be on your own. but you can learn to love yourself, just be open to it, and listen to your inner voice. dont be afraid because you will find that once you know yourself you dont need to be with a group of friends not to feel alone, and you will never hurt because you feel emptyas you will find you can fill any hole within you all by yourself- trust me that is the most fullfilling and long-lasting way to do so. <br />
much love