Why Do I Feel So Alone?

I am a mother, wife, daughter & sister. I have family and my kids around my. Why do I feel like I am doing this thing called life on my own? I am a Christian, I know God is with me I just can't feel Him half of the time. My relationship with my husband is not good. I feel like I have pushed that away. When something is to hard emotionally I lock it away. I want to be ok, I feel like I'm not.
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Dear Sister,

I understand your dilemma as a lonely wife, mother, and Christian. I too feel alone in this whole Christian life, but it's just a sad thing that we live in a broken world. It has been this way since the fall when Adam and Eve bit the apple from the wrong tree back in the early beginning of time on this earth. We all are suffering right now as believers and unbelievers as well. This is a very sad time on our planet/world where we all must be a bit more retrospective internally and to stop and try to listen to our "hearts" and to be careful with ourselves first, then careful with other people in our personal families and with colleges and friends. This is a true time of definite upheavals in our fight to be happy in a culture that has so so many pressures and negativities that we need to just stop and try to be thankful for anything that feels like a blessing. I know that I suffer mostly from always being available to my kids, husband, friends, clients, etc., and they do not seem to be there for me. It is just the way of this world. We need to be servants of Christ, but when we feel depleted it is a hard thing to try to do. I suggest that you go inside to examine what is bothering you, and try to discuss it only with the loved ones that might actually care or be able to be receptive to your complaints. It is important that you be able to talk to and confess your grievances to individuals that can accept with an adult understanding what you are trying to say. The real problem lies in the fact that most adults are not emotionally healthy enough to be able to handle their own problems and issues, and are sometimes overwhelmed by other people's issues. That is why you need to be very selective on whom you pour your heart out too...... But, nonetheless, it is super important to go within and then when you feel you have figured out what is bothering or bugging you, to reveal it to another human being. Even a stranger in the supermarket can be kinder sometimes than a beloved family member to confess your heart to. We must all be careful who and what we say, and if we need to get something really off of our chests that is hurting us, we must find a person to talk to..... That is where prayer comes in. Praying to GOD that he allows you that ability to find that safe person in your life to talk to....

Love in Christ,


My Dearest Sisters I too have felt alone even in Gods presence then he told me find pleasures in giving and living. Not just giving in your household but another one house hold. Volunteer for the service just not for God but for his people. We have a purpose and that's what your missing, a purpose filled life. Purpose for others. If your church is not fullfilling you then you must find your place only God can direct you into your purpose. The sisterhood of Christ is amazing! We have sisters that have died just for that her sister and what it means to stand. I have twins sons, I have no husband, they have no father , they have no grandparents, we have no uncle and one aunt who is not able to help, we call on our creator Our Holy Father. I recently lost my job and my children are in college, we call upon the Lord. Their are times when we cry so much about our so called burdens and can't hear Christ. Let Christ me your man your husband your bridegroom. Let him make love to you with his touch and words. Find your desire for love in him. Write love letters to Christ tell him how much you want to get closer. We look and look so much trying to find the face of God and he's right there. Blessings Sisters Blessings!

I'm a single mom with 3 kids. My husband abandoned us many years ago. I have been alone ever since. I go to church every sunday and wednesday, i get up super early every morning to seek God out and try to catch just a second in his presence, even just a glimpse of his face. I seek his guidance, I love him with all my heart. I've given up many possible friendships for him because I knew he wouldn't approve. For years I've been praying for God to bring me a group of close christian friends, I have nobody that I can rely on, nobody to even ask me how my day was or if I am o.k. Now I just pray for one friend, just one. I've been praying for a christian husband for almost 10 years now. I'm young, attractive, but nothing. All the men in my church are married. The women back away from me, as if they think I want to steal they're husbands. I would never even consider dating a married man. For many years now, I have been completely alone. I love God, but don't understand why he's left me so alone for so very long now.

I am a divorced mom. I've been divorced 10 years. I have 3 boys 2 of which are going into college. I am struggling with lonliness too. I want someone to share my struggles with and it seems everyone is so busy that no one has time to hear me. My ex wanted to get back with me. HE is not a christian. He said he would go to counseling. But nothing has changed about him. He used to hurt me all the time and recently I suspected he is sleeping with someone. I have dated other guys, all which have had addiction, or some weird problem. I don't understand why I don't meet a great Christian man. I have prayed for it. Lately, I thought about just spending time with these men because they will listen to me even though I know they are not the right men for me. I feel abandoned though I know that God is there. I get angry at times not understanding why God hasn't brought this man into my life and why did I find these men with all these problems. I love God but don't understand.

i feel just as desperate. only difference is that i have no religious belief. And i have been doubting all the time whether the absence of religious belief is the root cause of all the unhappiness and lost and confusions of my life...but by reading you guys' experience, i guess i was wrong. i guess i had to find a different way out.

Dearest Sister,
Your answered your own question Beloved sister! You found those man! Your not looking for Christman. You can Believe in him, Christ but do you have a relationship with him? Are you complaining instead of praising? He needs you to see your purpose in this life, beyond children and husband, your talents that he's giving you your gift he has giving you. You choose a man with out thought or listening what God has to say. You move to fast. Your impatient. Theirs burdens in you that has to be fix. You can't see the problem but think having a man is your answer. Theirs parts in your past you have not fix yet to move to another level. If you keep finding these jokers then theirs a problem with your discernment. I love my beloved sister!

I feel the same way. I do not have kids..just cats. I moved to a rural area and know lots of people but have no close friends. No one to talk to. I am a Christian and love God but I still feel alone. I do not respect my husband....he was let go at a job because of laziness. He never did much around the house to help me. Then I find out he has 7,000 in credit card debt from buying food out. He is obese and has ruined his body. He has many folds of skin around his middle that will never go back to normal and it is not attractive to me. He has a new job now but I do not think the respect will come back. We are like roommates living in the same house.

oh my god....that's so scary.....did you get over the whole horror now? what did you do?

Dearest Sister,
God understands how and what you feel. Your husband is suffering inside that he can't bring himself to handle so food is and outlet. Like drinking or sex or drugs. If you say your for God then how can you be against your husband, for he's his son also. Once God showed you compassion, where's yours towards your husband. Consider his feelings hiding in a body that was not design to carry his massive weight. Hiding is pain, his tears. Wanting to speak but can't because of what they may think, like he's weak. To stand with your husband and husband with wife, this must start with both holding their tongue because words can curse and bless, prayer is everything. Keep praying! Ask God to send you a Godly man,that Godly man is your husband and he will change if you pray. You don't find him desirable because he's obese tell him in love with love and kisses. Tell him you want this to work out and you want to help, you don't want the old but the new man that God is waiting to show him. It takes work and love and obeindence in God. Bless you sister, find happiness just not in looks because they do fade.
Your Sister,

You are writing about me, you are living my life.

Do you have a job, something that gives you a chance to interact with other people? Are you couped up in a house? You might want to get help with your problem with your husband before it gets out of hand. If you feel board, you are probably going to feel alone. Go find something to do that takes up time and that you are really interested in. You must find the good things in life so that you can feel fulfilled.