Alone 24/7

I am very much a people person and for about the past year my lifestyle has dramatically changed. I found true love and moved across country to be with him. I knew it would be hard, but figured it would get easier. My husband works 7 days a week, and I am unable to get work due to not having transportation. So needless to say I sit home every single day and clean house, do laundry, watch tv, and of course play on the computer. I literally have no friends, and that is truly hard. Before I came here I was "the popular one". I used to be one of those types that couldn't put their phone down because of all the text messages I would get. Now my only form of an outlet is this damn computer. I literally have not left this house in over 2months. This sucks... I even had a schedule of tv shows that come on daily.. How lame am I?
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2 Responses Sep 20, 2012

There's no problem! Can you walk anywhere? A local gym? A coffee shop? Anything?

A walk, not in this country... And I have no transportation to get anywhere, and public transport is too dangerous

at least you have the internet to stay in contact with old friends and to hopefully meet new ones. I know it is not the same as physical closeness with friends but there actually are people on line that can be very good friends

Your right. I do have the internet to stay connected. Only thing is that all my friends and family are 9hrs behind me, so when they are sleeping, my day is just beginning. I actually came to EP to find people that can relate to my situation. I am not out here looking to find a cyber buddy or anything like that. Guess it's harder to find than I expected, but it will happen I hope. Positive thinking..... It's gotta work some time...