I Feel Alone Alot Because I Am...

i feel alone alot because i am alot. but then when i go out, i still feel, odd. not quite right. im not meant to be there. that doesnt stop me talking to strangers or whatever, alcohol and drugs can make you rather sociable, but as i speak i think "they must think im a right weirdo". just aswell i got a pretty face, eh, or they'd all run for the hills.
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3 Responses Jul 7, 2007

I feel the same way

I always feel uncomfortable in social settings. I am extremely good at networking and socialising though.... I think it is my insecurities that make me feel so awkward... so I end up taking copious amounts of drugs and drinking far too much booze to lighten up... I suppose I'd rather be smashed than have to think about how awkward I'm feeling. you know?<br />
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but I definitely agree with you on this one. it seems we are very similar!

i'm fairly certain when i go out in public that a p3nis grows out of my forehead ... people are always gawking at me and i've not yet figured it out.