I Don't Feel Alone a Lot I...

I don't feel alone a lot I am alone alot.  I get home from work at 3pm and my husband gets home at 9pm.  Most of the time I don't mind because I do enjoy my private time.  I can read, work on some art or crafts, play games on the computer, take a nap or do some house work.  Basically I have this time to do with as I please.  Sometimes I miss having my family being around, I miss all the chatter at dinner time.  I hugs and kisses from my grandchildren.  The kids live so far away that I can't go and see them when ever I want, but we go down to the States for all most all the long weekends.  That is such a special time for us I try to fill up the hug well and get all the kisses I can.  The older grandchildren put up with me wanting to bug them.  They are all such great kids.  But after a few days I am more then readily for the peace and quite of home.
raybay53 raybay53
51-55, F
Jul 7, 2007