It's Not That I Don't Have Friends . . .

But I don't have a lot of them. And my best friend is moving to GERMANY! in a couple weeks. Not just another town, not just another state . . . but Germany . . . She was one of the only people who really wanted to listen to me, and who cared about my life. Being the most popular girl in the school and yet befriending a backwards wallflower like me boosted my esteem quite a bit, but it;s so hard to get to see her, because of her hyper-popularity. So anyway, my friends don't really call me that much. I don't see them, or anyone else for that matter, very often, and that makes me feel lonely. Lonely that people would rather be spending their time with other epopel and not me.


LonelySoul LonelySoul
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 18, 2007

Hi. I know what your going through. I have the exact same problem. My friend just emailed me and told me she's staying in China for another year. No one calls, etc. I'd rather make friends with females than guys cause they always are looking for sex or something else. Where to find friends in nyc? Everyone is always looking out for themselves. Anyways, let me know how I can help. Maybe we can befriend each other and help each other get through this difficult time. Let me know. =)

Maybe you should try getting together with your other friends more. Sometimes people just need a little push to be more friendly.