This poem clearly expresses my place in this experience group and what occurs when loneliness sets in. Its from

I cowered in the corner,
Didn't know what to think,
All alone in this darkness,
It's not very nice at all,
Just well felt scared,
Nothing to really fear,
But, when you're alone,
You can start hearing noises,
That doesn’t exist...

It's not very nice,
Anxiety wrecks the minds thoughts,
The conscience is overridden,
Taken over,
Noises, cracks, bangs,
All imaginary, but you're alone,
Not with anyone,
Imagination goes wild,
Trapped in no bars at all,
A lonely feeling...

In the pit of the stomach,
Everything is jelly,
All alone, the body feeling like to hide,
Move, run from the despairing noises,
All in the head of course,
But at the moment,
Well, it's not like that,
Alone is calling the feelings,
Calling and calling,
Never ceasing...

Threatening, then the mind joins,
Not all, only imagination,
Making everything worse,
The call stronger,
More beckoning for madness to release,
For adults, well they can,
Keep the barrier strong,
Children, well they get dragged in,
Moving into the twirl,
The twirl of despair, loneliness,
Everything still the minds doing,
Nothing outside...

Only maybe the darkness,
The occasional car,
Person walking down the road,
Telephone ring next door,
All, not the minds clever side takes in,
But imaginations interception abilities,
That influences first,
The rest of the power,
Formed by imagination tracks down,
Only to destroy that clever area,
Make it no part...

Only a part of the brain,
That doesn't work,
Useless, dead, non-significant,
Alone is a disease,
It affects everyone,
Alone a terror,

Viraj Bhanshaly 

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2 Responses Jul 22, 2007

I agree that there are some very lovely things in this world. However, I have gone through many terrible things and has resulted in me committing suicide and I have been suffering from severe depression ever since. I always felt alone my whole life. I feel hollow always and its like a ghost haunting me paralyzing me from everything. PBS did a great documentary about depression the other day.

Hi Paul: Not really. I enjoy reading and seeing things that I feel emotionally connected to. B/C i'm usually a sad person I feel most connected to sad poems, sad movies, etc.