Not friendship-wise! I have more friends than I would ever need on EP, plus three very close and special ones: Philip, Sharon, and Momo. So, I'm not lonely there. :-)

I am lonely romantically... I just want to curl-up with someone. No, I am lonely, NOT desperate, so STAY AWAY perverts! =p

I miss the feeling of being held and kissed... even though the last person to do that was some scum-bag (I was naive and didn't know he was an ex-convict, when I let him touch me), I wish to someday find a nice guy that I can enjoy being with. Some one sweet and innocent... who doesn't have a rap-sheet! Or who was recently released from jail and is on parole! ACK, jail-birds! :-(

I know... he will show up while I am not looking. I'll have to wait. But until that happens, I am still lonely. :-/

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Mar 21, 2009