Hmm..I came to the realisation today, that I quite like the person I am. I do the most embarrassing things, like cross my eyes when a stranger looks at me on the bus. Or when I'm talking to someone I make it awkward on purpose just so I can giggle at it later. I like being a trouble maker. I like to do things that others find dorky, like my boyfriend thinks I'm a dork for doing crocheting. I told him today that the hat he absolutely loves on me, saying that I make the hat look amazing, was made by me. I saw the look in his eyes, the one full of pride that his baby could make something. And then he laughed and called me a dork. He said I was adorable AND a dork, which is why he loves me. My reply? You think I'm adorkable :3 Which made him shake his head and say even louder, DORK!!! haha!
I like that I'm a dork. I like making up words, and using out of date sayings. I like calling my boyfriend ridiculous nicknames, or saying things that make other people question my sanity. It makes my day brighter and I'm happy to be me. And I'm happy that my boyfriend takes me as I am, a person who no matter how hard I try can never be anyone else, but me.

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it always be the best when both are happy about it and enjoy each other.

I was speaking to him the other day and he noted that I was smiling a lot. He asked me why and I said that I'm very happy, and he said that he was too and it's all because of me. Made my day even brighter.