I Am Soooooooooooo Sad

 Hi everyone,

I am sooooo very very very sad! My husband and I have been together since we were 15... i'm now 28. We spent EVERY DAY together... In all those years the longest we were away from eachother was 19 hours!

Now he says he wants some space. And to go back to dating ..so he doesn't have to worry about me.

Let me give you some much needed info.....

About 8 years ago i cheated with our best friend because he spent i'll he's time and energy on his band. He found out and didn't break up with me.... he just cried and then told me he wanted to be together still. So about 2 years after that he asked me to marry him... we got married and seemed good. We got into fights not that often ..but when we did they were BAD! In one of the fights we were in a store and i took off my ring and threw it to the ground and ran to the bathroom. Also I don't have a driver liense... due to a horrible fear of a car accidents. And after i cheated i felt sooo bad that i almost became a follower of him. What he wanted to eat burgers ..we eat burgers. He wanted a square table.. we bought a square table. It got so bad that i wouldn't buy clothes without him saying that he loved it. 

NOW... He has also done bad stuff... just not as bad as me I guess. He flirts with EVERYONE! Which is not a problem most of the time because the person knows he is married and i'm there. But he has had 6 girls start liking him & thinking that they might have a chance with him. Some of these girls were his co-workers ... so that made work akward. He does this ... he flirts, flirts, & flirts until he has them wanting him, then he stops all together. This make the girls sad or angry and then he has to move dept or find a new job.

SO ............. 

Now that you know some background on us,

 I have never lived alone, shopped alone, or slept alone! I've always done everything for US.. not for me. How do i make this better? How do i get happiness again. If we divorce all i want to do is die or sleep all day. To be honest that how i feel now! 

Someone help me! :( How do i fix this?????

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If a guy's gonna flirt with others, you should realize that you have the power to do the same! GIRL POWER! If he's not gonna miss you, don't miss him back no matter how much you want to. Do exactly what he does, and make a point to him if you want him back.

I am a woman of mature year and have been married/divorced in a relationship not long ago (but it ended because he is going through a Mid-Life Crisis).<br />
<br />
There are many challenges in relationships and marriage and each one has to be weighted to what is the best options regarding fixing problems.<br />
<br />
Communication is the key. Talk to him, get support (marriage counseling) and explore what solutions both of you can explore together. Either way for your own peace of mind you need to not lose yourself in him and find who you are as an individual even in a marriage one needs time for themselves. This may be why he is asking for space. Talk to him...communicate your concerns.

Well im 16 so dont know much about love. But i always hear. <br />
"If you love something set it free, it if comes back its meant to be" but i think he will be back or just date others make him want you back.. Dont get divorce just yet just take a break.... Hope that helped.. I dought it but yea..... If you want to talk nrobambam@hotmail.com