A Year And A Half.

It has been over a year and a half since the bail conditions said I could not see her, talk to her, be with her. I miss her so much. Sometimes the sadness just drags me down until I can do nothing but lay there.
I try to write and convey what I feel, but I fail. It can't be conveyed in words. Only in tears and a empty feeling inside. In less than a month she will be forced to go on a stand and be the prosecutions star witness to put the person she loves the most behind bars. How can they do this?
I understand their concern, I really do, but to simply to charge me and because of bail conditions force her away from her family, the person they claim they are trying to protect. They force her out on her own and then force this farce of justice on her.
We knew what we were doing was unconventional, but we didn't believe it was illegal. We looked into the law. We didn't think a relationship of dependence would simply be two friends helping each other with each other's depression. The law would prefer I didn't help her and simply had sex with her, but that wasn't how it was. We love each other and believe we always will.
Of course I am innocent until proven guilty or so it is said. So innocent I was fired. So innocent that we can't see or even communicate with each other. So innocent that they felt it was more important to kick her from her home and force her under a summons to testify against her lover.
No one who has been around us for even more than a few minutes doubts our feelings of course this is the justice machine. It doesn't care about feelings. It doesn't care about the lives left in ruins. It doesn't even seem to care if it causes harm to what it considered the victim to find the truth. The truth of whether I broke a law written so vaguely that any lawyer would advice getting anywhere near it. The law was not intended to make relationships between an adult and a minor over the age of consent simply criminal. Its intent was not to prevent people such as us from having a true caring relationship. It was designed to protect young people from harm, but here there was no harm nor does the law require harm. It requires only one of a few vaguely described situations that might be prone to exploitation. Taking it to the extreme of simply a person helping a person cope with depression within a friendship?
BittenDog BittenDog
46-50, M
Jan 3, 2011