Lost and Alone


why do i feel so alone??? i have friends and family round me and loads off people to speak to. just cant help feeling so alone no mater who i txt, call or speak to i just cant shift the feeling.

It sort off feels like when i was a kid and got lost. i didn't have a clue where i was, every thing around me looked the same and i didn't have a clue where to go, who to speak to, i just wanted o sit down and cry but i kept going i found someone.

well it's like that except i know where i am and i know every one round me. i just feel like i don't tho and it feels like i have no one to talk to. maybe that's why i tryed to kill my self a few months ago my girlfriend dumped my and she was the only person i felt i could talk to.

But i never really talked about me feeling to her. and now i feel so down i just want to talk to her and she wont even look at me let alone speak. i have always found it hard to speak to people about my feelings.

and have always felt this way. she was like the person i was trying to find as i kid and lost but now she's gone I'm lost again

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2 Responses Mar 5, 2009

i understand the feeling alone even though i'm surrounded by family and friends, i dont know who to talk to, its not that they wont listen, its they dont understand and think i want them to solve my problem or give me advice and all i need is to have someone listen, and be understanding that i'm on an emotional roller coaster ride from hell and will probably cry for no reason at least once a day.... you are not alone, i wont give advice unless i think its truelly necessary or its asked for. my boyfriend is deployed and my mom has no clue what i'm going through, my aunt has been through to recent deployments with my uncle she keeps telling me what to do and both dont understand the tears. none of my friends have had loved ones deploy and one of my friends asked me why i cry or get the blues because i knew it would happen and choose to love him and stay with him anyway.... I am still going threw an adjustment time getting a new routine down and it has helped some, i just keep taking small steps forward, because thats all i can do. I am not sure how often i will get signed in, but if you would like, you can message me here, and maybe we can get through this together???

I to have been there,and I only know I didn't any direction in my life,I felt like I was dead and walking around.I want you to know this will pass.I had to force my self to read self help books, go outside and plant a victory garden go for walks and find my self again.One thing we must not do that is dwell on that pitty me,it is easy to stay there.Make a list of things you would like to do when you are feeling better and force your self to start doing them.While you are doing them it's ok to cry or get angry.Underneath all that is bringind you down is the real you,so much of it is fear.Having some one to talk to like your doctor they can lead you to the right help.The more you read you will find your way to the top.My heart goes out to you.Please know you are not alone.If you believe in the Great Spirt of this world, pray even if you don't believe,it will help and give you faith.Faith is things hoped for but not yet seen. Please take care and God has his hand upon you.You will come out of this. From someone who really cares!