I Hate My Job And Have No Friends In There.

I hate my job. My manager was a horrible bully of a man who had favourites. My daughter is asthmatic and I had to rush her to the doctor before work one morning because she had a bad attack. I rang the supervisor and said I was going to late and she said that's fine. I was an hour late and when I was clocking in the manager stormed out of his office in a rage and started swearing and shouting at me. I argued back saying my daughter has asthma and it was an emergency and he said "you only work 3 ******* days a week, keep your ******* appointments for your day off". I was in shock and then he said I wasn't getting a teabreak or lunchbreak either so I got in touch with the union and they had words with him and I got my lunchbreak. There have been countless episodes since then and there was one that really made me snap. I rang in sick with the vomiting bug and he punished me by changing my hours. By making me close the shop so that I'm late picking my daughter up from the babysitter. I was livid. I only rang in sick one day that year. So I did a stupid thing. I went on to the shops website and I wrote a letter of complaint about him for all to see. I never got fired over it just a written warning. After that people that I work with have been really horrible to me. That happened 2 years ago and I'm still getting grief. Whenever anything goes wrong in the shop I always get blamed. My manager was made redundant then a few weeks ago and I thought everything would start to work out but one of his little pets had her leather jacket slashed and I'm being blamed. Well, they're not saying it was me but whenever I walk past they start going on about the jacket because they think it's me. It's like they're trying to get me to confess but I have nothing to confess because I didn't do it. And when I walk along they start saying the culprit is a psychopath with mental problems who is capable of burning down the shop. I know they're taunting me and I get scared when I have to go in because I wonder what's next in store for me. Who's going to say what else? I swear I didn't touch the jacket and this is really upsetting me. The thing I find weird is that the jacket was slashed on the lining inside. If someone wanted to at this girl wouldn't they have done the outside? I have no friends in work but I have a handful of lovely friends outside of work and they think the girl slashed the jacket herself to frame me. I think that too but I can't prove it. There's no proof whatsoever because there are no camera's in the bathroom. I don't know what to do. I want to quit my job but can't because I have children and we're in a recession. Please can someone give me advice..
Bethany31 Bethany31
31-35, F
May 14, 2012