Scrooge: A Warning.

My life..
It was a quietness that is not good or bad.
Picture a plain sky on a cloudy day.
I am walking on an icy pond.
Kicking up snow.
Headed towards barren trees.
Reminds me of purity that I lost long ago.
I'm equipped to survive, thick boots, coat, & skin.
Enduring cold winds throwing snowflake razors at my eyes.
The only way the pain gets in.
Suicide is not an option. Keep my head up.
Although there's a constant drumming beneath my feet.
Decided never to take a rest even if that's what I need.
Too scared that I wont get up.
Peace is waiting for me beyond those trees.
Who says I have to feel during this life?
At least I made it to the edge of the pond,
where I realize there is a gap between the ice and the land.
Because the snow covered all, the ice and the bank,
& I never looked down, I became aware because I sank.
Down into the cold melancholic waters I avoided my whole life.
All the loneliness I suppressed with my will to survive.
I thought I was going to make it.
Didn't want to take the time to let painful memories go.
I was only trying to make it.
When I stuffed my misery down, the pond began to grow.
In those days it would've been better to let some empathy show.
I betrayed my emotions.
I'll spent eternity with the apathy I've always known.
FallingUp6 FallingUp6
22-25, F
Sep 23, 2012