Simply Alone

I Have a Family

I have "Friends"

But I dont have anyone to call my own

Anyone I feel understands me

I dont have anyone who even Tries

The Worst type of Lonely Is feeling Lonely when Theres people Around

Worst part is they Really believe that Im okay

They dont notice the Scars on my wrist

The tears in my eyes

& Every time I cry,

Everyone says Stop!

Instead of paying attention to the Actual reason Why.

My scars are Tattoos with Better stories

You think Im okay? You think Im fine?

Those are the line I Use from time to time

But you don't know the half

behind my fake laughs

(I Simply starting typing when I made this Not my best work but Its actually from the Heart)
EmotionalSkye EmotionalSkye
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 24, 2012

Hey! ! you sound really depressed ..just try to remember tht there are people who are going through worse things in life..<br />
Try to keep yourself busy and make the best out of everything :)<br />
and remember bad times don't last very long :) have "faith" n "hope" :)