I Feel Detached From The World

i have always like an outsider looking in on people in this world, i cant see how some people can just go on living like they do and why i can never feel like i am a part of anything. I am never into fashion trends, hate reality tv and all these soulless people on them, dont understand how people can constantly be on their phone all day, even while working and driving. i just feel like i am not a part of that world and left searching for my own place and for people how are like me. thoughtful, respectful, deep meaningful people who just want to get by with a little joy and happiness. am I the one thats different somehow? the crowd swells around me and i disappear into a sea of meaningless, shallow humanity.
icanthide icanthide
31-35, M
2 Responses May 5, 2012

It is like you are in a parallel universe you exist but no one knows you or cares about you. <br />
I think the same as you.<br />
It is like we're not from this planet this feeling is always haunting me.

Friend me too feel the same way.<br />
I dont understand how can people feel free Maybe they are the heartless.Maybe the dont understand the small things which make other people cry.<br />
People go to concerts and they forget themselves there while some people even among a huge crowd feel themselves lonely.<br />
<br />
Friend everyone is different or I should say every one is created different.<br />
You are different thats why you are my best friend.