iam so angry ,first my mother was a alcholic then that developed into bi polar ,so she had two extra children she shouldnt have had iwinded up looking after them the best i could the alchahol turned into abuse to us kids really bad to the point where i had to secretly have to go a cyo office myself they placed my younger brother and sister ,my mother never got better my dad got real sick they windedup having to stay in children and youth ,they wined up resenting me when they became adults i protectected them from being killed this is the thanks i get my mother wineded up hating me anyway the sister i tried to take her in and give her a place to live , she robbed me of everything i had i had to have a restraining order out on her and my brother caused alot of trouble as well, well ibecame 16 i had a skating party ,made a liitle money , was told by a friend to save it my mother came to that party and didnt feel right , her and i got into a big argument ,and i winded up moving in with a person inew from pathmark where i use to help people with bags , anyway she said she would help me to i at least got out of high school ,and she did one of the problems was she had just got married and a few months into it she became a lesbian , that really freaked me out anyway i got mad at her always spending time with the girl and not me ,anyway igraduated high school when i was 17got a job from pathmark, and when iwas 18 got a full time job, kept that up for about 2years then wined up taking pathmark full time ,over night cleaning did well at that job got my own room ,then rented the apartment lived there for about 4years then i got a boyfriend who is now my husband , in 1990 we brought a house and in 1991 we got married in 1995 my mother passed away at 53 years old anerizim ,and at the end of the year i had my first son joseph john jombe jr and he was the joy of my life until he to inhereted the same disease as my mother and squitsofrania,he was hospitalized about 3 times when he was 7 then he had to go into residential , he stayed there 6 months and then came home only to go to the hospital again he wined up staying to he was 16years old wcich is now he just came home in june they found the right medicine combination ,i happy bout that finally but alot of time passed that iwas lonly with out him and a guy co worker friend reminded me of him so we already were friends and you no istrted buying him things , and turning to him for support only he wined up using me and this is the worse thing that ever happened to me ,after 3years of doing everything for him he basically told me i dont give af about you okay we were only friends but i started having feelings for him big time iguess he could tell he thought iwas rich ,and his mother found out we werent and told my friend he probbly felt like he was being brought i guess in the middle of this I had a baby with the husband ,had avery hard time having him anyway his name is kevin he will be 4in august and cyo was involved since joeys illness long story short because the friend really hurted me and said stuff like called me dumb cindy ,said i talk to much irepeat the same stuff all the time and so i did talk to him for 3months this brought us up to christmas ,the i ran ito him i needed him to help me move a bail he said i guess we are talking again , so isaid i guess so he started complaining and i was very good friends with his mom i was all cozy with him over there until he complained to me about a jacket of his that i only had on not even , five minutes thats when he said i dont give a f , so he told me iwas agood ride the next day at work i flipped out on that doc the next day at work he told me I was a good ride and that whatever was going on between us was over i couldnt control my feelings my heart was broken my temper the store manager told us to stay away from each other he listened i didnt he then tries to get me fired for somthing i did to him on fb and they put me out of work fo a while , to get some help ,i got my job back just and suffured alot .then he got me fired ,i got my job back just at another store , thats very hard ,and alot more work ,and he is over on easy street able to keep over 9,150.00 wqorth of stuff then he gets on fb to see if i would make acompromise with him so he offred to pay me one item this took a while , he then said he would keep in touch what i dont understand is how come all this trouble was caused before he said anything then he started on fb admiiting that he was wrong
, he was the jerk selfish that the only reason for haing out with him is because he thought we had money , these things he said were very hurthful
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Oh my God, sounds as if you need a hug. One Huge Big Bear Hug for you. You deserve it girl.