i study people when i feel I don't belong

the more people are around me the more alone I feel. But sometimes I don't notice it. I start looking at all those people, thinking about them. One can notice many interesting things this way. It helps you to understand people. From the way they talk and move you can understand who is listening and who is not. You can see how some person tryes to get attention of some other and this other person doesn't even notice it. Watching them you realize that every single person is unique and every single mind is a huge world. thinking about how many people there are in the world even scares me. there are so many people that it makes you think that there must be someone like you for sure. but it's so hard to find. it noce to look at people, your fiends or not, remaining unnoticed. but at the same time it's gives you a feeling that all those people have their places in life and you just can't find your's there...
Memonster Memonster
Sep 9, 2012