I would really like to make some new, genuine friends. To the extent the Experience Project may facilitate this aim I continue to post my experiences. However, in candor I must admit I do not expect such to be the consequence of my actions. For reasons which continue to elude me, I have great difficulty making real, personal friends.

Those who know me well seem surprised by this revelation. I'm very outgoing and outspoken at work and in academic circles. Professional interaction with me often leaves people with the impression I am an extrovert. I am not, at least insofar as my personal life is concerned.

In summation, all this is to say I go home alone every day, and have, more or less, for the last four years felt very much like an island surrounded by a sea of people who neither know nor care about me, personally. I'm becoming increasingly convinced this will be my natural state of existence, whether I like it or not.
PoisonedQuill PoisonedQuill
46-50, M
Aug 31, 2014