Has God Forgotten About Me?

I hav ben willin to go 2 university long time bt i had to start at the college,was disapnted ofcourse bt i thought it was a start.Now i completed my dip. and so many obstacles appears when i have 2 live my dream! i have ben praying for 5 solid years! is God forgoten wht i have begged for,for so many years? anyone who cn tel the odds of this situation?

stlalane stlalane
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hey,thanx! god loves us!

darling i am going through something similar , i am questioning what am i doing being at university for so long it feels everything has just stopped i am cosidering doing something different xxx keep strong though it pays off xxx hugss


Hmm.. I don't think god will ever forget someone he created, He has his oen time to deliver us what we want or what we don't want. But......... Keep faith my dear friend : D

Hang on God will come to your aid at the appointed time.<br />
Good luck

Whatever happens is Gods will,if I can assist you in any way just send me a message

Hey, I feel pretty much same. I've a university(engineering) degree and I always wanted to keep moving on in life but everything is stagnant now. I can't find a job as yet and I've no hopes but 'shyrojoy' is right, it might not be the right time or may be God has other plans for us. I believe in omens and there's no universal interpretation for them, everyone has his own according to his circumstances. I believe, if we go against God's will, reject all what HE's giving us and go for what we want, then HE will show us all the reasons why HE wasn't giving us what we wanted. Keep your faith. HE will do what's the best for you.<br />
I hope, I made my point understandable.<br />

@shyrojoy, i ned 2 hear dat,thnx a lot!

God has not forgetten you all you need to do is to hang on coz at times God just says wait coz it is not the right time . Just hang on, he is real, he understands your pain and believe me the best thing you can do is continue to be faithfull to him and he will make your dreams come true.