Don't Know Why.

i go to party and many crowded places. they are full of people i know. yet i feel as though no one is there for me and i feel the lonely feeling in my heart.
me2you2me me2you2me
22-25, M
4 Responses Jan 9, 2013

i care for you

Same as mine

i feel the same way a lot i have just my bf and every once and a wile i dont feel like i have him i have lost a lot of people i care about in the last year i wish sometime the end was near but i know its not

this s so harsh , don't u ve friends?

i have only those friends who are after things. no friend that cares for me.

emm , wat about ur childhood friends?

my childhood was not that nice. my family keep changing places so i went to lot of schools and so i never had a childhood friend.