8 Years Later!

I've lived in this suburb for eight years and still don't have anyone to connect with!  I know I'm a bit of an oddball, but geez!  It's not like I'm hanging skulls from the trees!

cnavarre cnavarre
36-40, F
2 Responses Mar 14, 2010

its the monetary system, I live in a small town now too and after 4 months I see that the main reason these people are so disconnected from eachother is because of status, work, and life stresses. Also shame, many people in small towns have judged themselves and they fear others knowing them the way they see themselves, this I think causes them to shut down and reject themselves before you even have a chance to see who they are. I am a loner though so I dont mind the solitude out here :))

Maybe I should hang skulls from my tree in the front yard....I bet someone would TALK to me at least! LOL