Very Much Alone

Three years ago, my life changed dramatically. There was and never has been anyone that I could relate to. Somedays, I feel lost and get one anxiety attack after another. It was like, my life changed so much that I feared everything because of all that change. I'm getting better and have recently decided that I need to find myself because all of the changes happened starting my senior year of high school, which is a big time of transition in itself.

Basically, I'm messed up and don't think I will feel like someone can fully help my struggle.

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1 Response Feb 17, 2009

you posted the so long ago and no one commented or made you feel good? sorry about it. i hope you are better now or atleat at peace. let me tell you i know this feeling. this horrible feeling of being alone with your struggle and thoughts withe no one to feel or understand you. dont worry, if you understand your self thats wnough. talk to me.