People Who Come And Go

Once I got a friend, an educated intelligent girl who was 2 years older to me. we two had similarities in many aspects and it made as very close friends. we used to share our secret problems with each other. But her character was not much agreeable with my other friends around us. But I tried to keep all of them as my friends although they were not such friends among themselves. in the meantime she fell in love with me. i couldn't accept her that way and i told this to her too. this hidden love in her drove her too possessive about me. sometimes i found it very hard to bear. but i didn't show it to her, because i thought it would hurt her. Although she was so fond of me, she was often doubtful about my behavior and attitude. she doubted whether i'm loyal to her, whether the thing i tell her are really true, whether i am trying to fool her etc. she was constantly in issues with my other friends which worsened my troubles. the frequent phonecalls between ushad spread a gossip(?) among other girls around us that we two are in love. i have always took firm stand against love affairs and this gossip gave me the image of a hypocrite. at last, this relation i kept with this girl had took all my other friends away from me. and one day, this girl called me names saying i had cheated her, i didn't know value of her love, i exploited her attachment and i even wasted her time and emotions. she even called me a person who tells sentimental stories to grab sympathy of girls. there was the end of my patience, i just knocked her off my mind. Now to conclude, I lost my friends in her name, and her too.
i don't know what is odd with me. I often feel lonely in a crowd, because my attitue is different. The  more i share myself, the more difficult they find it to understand me.
dsvthampi dsvthampi
22-25, M
Jul 26, 2010